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George’s latest Fusion album

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Geroge Williamz (Real name George William Kiberu), the talented musician from Uganda has recently released his debut album “Absolute Fusion“, marking a huge stage in the career of the multi-talented, singer-songwriter and producer.  George, who currently lives in United Kingdom, released the album on 8th Dec 2010. This is the release that will hopefully build upon his fan base and get his music heard by more people than ever.

The album, ‘Absolute Fusion’, consists of fifteen original songs from George, each providing a combination his high-energy multi-instrument playing, melodious vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The multi rhythmic undercurrent bears testament to ngoma (a traditional African drum) playing, and the music is punctuated throughout with elements of reggae, afro-pop, jazz, and R&B.
The theme of the album underlies the multitude influences that George has been exposed to over the years, the biggest of which being the ‘switch’ from Uganda to United Kingdom. It was this that allowed him to thrive off the new opportunities presented to him, to explore fresh sounds and blend them into a melodious fusion.
‘Absolute Fusion’ reveals the stunning array of influences that have found their way into George’s music.  Whilst his grounding came in traditional African music – he began to get himself known whilst playing in Jimmy Katumba with the Ebonies – he was always keen to bring something unique to a traditional African sound. For this reason, his emphasis on rhythmic instrumental playing has been enhanced by his ability to play other instruments including the piano, drums and  guitars.

Absolute Fusion Album

George has said of his work: “I learnt a lot of traditional instruments as I was growing up, it wasn’t until I was 13 that I actually picked up my first guitar, and that was a real changing point for me.  “Since then, my style has developed and I’ve incorporated other sounds and genres which have all made their way into ‘Absolute Fusion’. The album is a reflection of my influences over the years and the changes that I’ve experienced in my life.”

Fans are encouraged to visit Goerge’s website, which provides everything you could want to know about the young musician. As well as checking out the music and George being interviewed and photos of him in action, you can also sign up for the mailing list to receive news and information about upcoming gigs and new releases.
Fans can also check out his MySpace page and can even join up to be his friend on Facebook.
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