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Martin Williams

Martin Williams
Project Manager at HSBC
Martin managed George William indirectly at Playout 247 and Vision IPTV Ltd

George is hardworking dedicated and entirely professional, his work at Vision IP TV was completed to time and to exacting standards, He is a pleasant person who is easy to work with and I have no hesitation is recommending him to you.

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Experienced Technology Enhanced Learning Developer and Consultant
George William, is a multi-skilled digital Artist and professional. His skills span the entire spectrum of audio, visual, music composition, pre , post productions spaces.
He is also a multi music instrumental player from african traditional instruments like drums to western instruments such as guitar and piano.

He is truly an all-rounder from the artistic and technical point of views.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”grey”][vc_column_text]

Jake Rogers

Jake Rogers
Engineer at Our It Department Ltd.

Jake worked with George William at Playout 247 and Vision IPTV Ltd

Working with William I found him as a person with great education and deep expertise of broadcasting solutions. William did not fail a single time. William is a great and honest expert. Detail oriented, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. He denotes an in-depth understanding of modern broadcast technologies. For William the job is always the most important thing to do.

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Frobs Lule
Frobs Lule
Producer at ldfrobisher.com
I first worked with William on my 3rd music album and the results were remarkable. He then worked as a producer on my 5th album and it has become being voted my best ever. He is so creative and works on all types of music. Working with him will bring guaranteed results of satisfaction. There is more to him that I can describe

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John Mills
John Mills
Founder and CEO at Perception TV Ltd

John managed George William indirectly at Playout 247 and Vision IPTV

William was a considerable asset to the team whilst employed at Vision247. He showed great attention to detail and dealt with clients in complex broadcast operational situations. I have no hesitation in recommending him for further work in this kind of role

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Studio & MCR Engineering Manager at Vision247

I worked with William for few years and he has proven himself to be a remarkably talanted, responsible and confident man.
I am confident that William’s intelligence, talant and professionalism will be great assets in any organization.

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Presenter on Christian TV
George William is a multi talented professional in the music and entertainment industry. He has composed several pieces of music which have been used on Relevation TV. I have always found him to be most helpful and reliable.

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Media Business Analyst in broadcasting

During my employment at GEM TV, I often liaised or worked with George while he was working as a Transmission Administrator at Playout247 Ltd; who were our TV transmission service provider. As a client, I found George to be a very helpful and hard-working individual who knew how to get the work done effectively. He always had the right solutions and answers to my questions, to which he always delivered his results in a highly professional manner. George has excellent communication skills and was not only highly respected by me as a customer representative but also his work colleagues.

On the basis of my experience of knowing and working with George, I strongly recommend him to any prospective employers or businesses.

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Director ADAD maternity cover

George is a diligent worker who is focused and passionate about his work and field of media. He is experienced and would be an asset.

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SAMUEL worked directly with George William at R Music Ltd and GWM Media Ltd

I have worked with William on various projects mostly in the music and media world where I have witnessed his excellent work. He is a very talented musician who also posses a lot of other various skills.
William is undoubtedly a professional who is very competent in what he does. He has a positive and excellent approach to work and he delights in following through projects to accomplishment.
Williams dedication, work-ethic and leadership would be valuable to any company.


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Artiste, composer, director & producer at SAKA Art House

George William is a focused artistic individual with wide experience in various areas of media production including music, T.V and live performance. He has produced many a music albums and performed as an instrumentalist on thrice as many. At the same time he has produced works in new media for Tv and the net

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Head of Department at Barts Health NHS Trust

George William is a talented man with a wealth of electronic knowledge and media presentation experience. He is a result-oriented and quality-minded individual with determination to always achieve the best whatever it takes. He always works with an open mind, which enables him to consider and analyse the environment he works in for the best out comes of each task he handles.

George is friendly, calm and patient in his approach, which encourges those working closely with him to emulate his knowledge. His willingness to share crucial information, knowledge and experience makes him an extraodinally individual to associate and work with.

By Lawrence Muyimba

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Gugu Zulu

Gugu Zulu
Senior Pastor – Tehillah Praise Ministries – Johannesburg, South Africa

Gugu was with another company when working with George William at GWM Media Ltd

You are the best at what you do It’s a good thing to walk in your purpose.



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