About The Track:

Embracing the joy of Christmas is precisely what we require in these challenging times. Amidst the difficulties we face, uplifting our spirits becomes essential, enabling us to relish the festive season with our loved ones.

The infectious Reggae rhythm of this track has captured the hearts of many, drawing comparisons to a piece that UB40 might have crafted. George Williamz, the mastermind behind this new release, collaborates with his talented friends — Lilly Denise providing enchanting backing vocals and Howard Conder overseeing the production. Together, they have woven a musical tapestry that resonates with the spirit of celebration and brings a sense of unity during this festive season.

About The Artist:

George Williamz is an accomplished multi-talented music producer, with experience that spans over 30 years in music, he is able to play a variety of instruments.

From the age of 6, George built his career working and helping out in different professional music studios. Because he has been in the industry almost all his life, he has developed an ear for a variety of music styles of which he is able to impressively play and produce.

After graduating in Media, TV, Film, and Video production, he worked as a Sound Engineer with Eyeline Pictures, Video Editor, and Transmission Controller for Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN Europe). He then went on to work as a Transmission Administrator at Playout247/Vision247, and as a Music Producer for Revelation TV.  He has also produced a variety of artists across genres in his own home music studio. 

Howard first met William in 1994 during his visit to Kampala, Uganda. Since then they have crossed paths in Television and Music production. In the summer of 2021, George and Howard formed Black White Music Ltd with a view to collaborating and promoting Musicians, Singer/songwriters and Producers regardless of race, colour or creed who want to work together to produce and promote each other’s talents.

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