Featuring George Williamz and Howard Conder, This is such a fun video with so many people who were in front of the camera and even more dear people behind the scenes and that is why with the help of Howard’s friend Tom Russell who edited this video, we can get a feel for the spirit behind the production.

There are basically two versions of this track, one with most of the musicians and singers involved and the other version is more like a documentary where Howard wanted to visually show us what the world is facing from climate change to wars and so many other life-threatening items challenging the whole world.

Please note that there is a version with subtitles in both Spanish and English) Believe it or not, the times we are living in are truly apocalyptic and if you were to read the words of Jesus Christ which are recorded in several books in the bible, for instance, Matthew chapter 24, Luke chapter 21, Revelation chapter 21 and the Apostle Paul’s writings recorded in the 2nd book of Timothy chapter 3 all are what is referred as prophecies for the Last Days.

This is not doom and gloom by any means but rather Good News for God’s promises of a New Earth and a New Heaven are hopefully soon to be a reality when all of mankind’s woes will be a thing of the past. God is going to make all things new. He will wipe away every tear, no more wars, no more sickness, no more pain and even death will be done away with. (Revelation chapter 21)

Watch the full videos below. 


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